Amanda Impertinent
Mandy Anime

Character Info

Nicknames Mand, Mandy, Manda
Age 14
Species Vampire
Gender Female
Nationality German, Spanish, African American
Height 5'3
Body Type Skinny
Hobbies/Interests Her Boyfriend, Partying, School
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Amanda Impertinent is a teenage girl who used to love the color pink. It was her favorite color, she even had pink hair. She was one of those cliche stupid, mean girls. But that all changed when she was bitten by a vampire frog in science class. She now regrets having the foolish nickname Mandy, having pink hair, and being poor in her old school once she entered her vampire school. She is now very good in her vampire school and is even on the honor roll. She dyed her hair back to her natural hair color (black) but still has some pink streaks, but now has red streaks, too.

Amanda has a rebellious boyfriend named Erick Knight, a mother named Lynn, a father named Edward, an aunt named Lacey (whom is her romodel), a twin sister named Samantha (whom she despised), a little brother named Andrew, a grandfather named Gerard, a girl cousin named Jess, and a boy cousin named Drew.


  • The vampire frog, Count Gorf, that bit Amanda escaped from disection in the vampire school.
  • Mandy used to keep Count Gorf in her bra so it could be her "sidekick", but she let him free because he creeped Erick out.
  • Her Aunt Lacey dyed Amanda's hair when she wanted it all pink and when she wanted it to be black again at her spa.
  • Just about everything about her opinions changed when she became a vampire except for her taste in music.
  • In some roleplays she is her normal, pink self.