Bridget Reigns

Character Info

Nicknames Bridgie
Age 16
Species Human
Gender Female
Nationality English
Height 5'5"
Body Type thins, big-chested
Hobbies/Interests volleyball, baking, violin
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Bridget is a shy girl. She used to live in England until she was about 5, and she never really misses it. Bridget has no other family members, but usually hangs out with Lewis or Vicki. When she was 12, she almost drowned from swimming, and decided to never get near water again. She's pretty smart, though doesn't like to brag about it. She's not friends with Denni, but they get along.


  • When she was 12, the person who saved her was Lewis.
  • Vicki's partly her friend, because Bridget intimidates Vicki.
  • She seems to be scared of vampires, also.