Christian Gloria Lydon

Character Info

Nicknames N/A
Age 20 (As of 2015)
Species Human
Gender Female
Nationality American (Of Italian, Scottish, and Egyptian descent)
Height 5'4"
Body Type Heavyset, narrow hips, busty, thinner legs, wide shoulders
Hobbies/Interests Ghosts, cosmetology, nihilist comedy, music
Status Alive (As of 2015)
Canon Original Story? Intolerable

Christian Gloria Lydon is a comedian and musician working as a producer and keyboardist for the band Rowland and the Intolerables. As the band's creative process is rather slow, she spends a fair amount of time doing stand-up comedy. Despite the fact she is a performer, she is incredibly introverted and a bit of a homebody. In role plays, she tends to stick alongside one character or group of characters and make comments on the events, not getting involved in much of the main drama.


  • In role plays, Christian's age is always 16 unless stated otherwise.