Creepie Creecher
Creepie Cartoon

Character Info

Nicknames Creepella, Creepster, Janet
Age 15
Species Human
Gender Girl
Nationality ?
Height 5'2"
Body Type Thin (Medium Breasts)
Hobbies/Interests Being Sarcastic, Photography, Insects, Playing the Bagpipes
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Creepie Creecher is a young teenager raised by bugs, along with her sister Star-Ella. She and her entire family moved from their old hometown Middlington to --insert random town name here-- so that they can be safe away from the exterminator. She can often have a cynical and sarcastic personality. Creepie was abandoned on her new parents' doorstep as a baby, and nobody knows what happened to Creepie's real parents. Creepie loves mysterious, morbid, and dark entertainment/adventures. Although she never shows her feelings, she can be very protective of her younger sister Star-Ella. She usually doesn't like hanging around many people except her family and well-known friends.


  • She appears to dress in the gothic fashion, wearing a black dress with purple sleeves and tights.
  • She actually has five colors in her hair: blue, red, orange, lime green and pink though in her pictures, her hair is usually depicted with black and purple streaks or just all black.
  • She also wears dark purple eyeshadow and lipstick though also some of her pictures don't depict that.
  • She is actually Creepie Creecher from the show "Growing Up Creepie".
  • She has a romantic interest named Skipper Tarantula (Skipper's last name is merely fanon).
  • Creepie has a fanon sister named Star-Ella Creecher.

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