Demetri Lankton

Character Info

Nicknames Demi
Age 15
Species Human
Gender Boy
Height 5'6
Body Type Thin (Too thin)
Hobbies/Interests Sitting in emo corner, drawing, staring
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Demetri Lankton is your average emo kid in school. He wears a dark gothic get up with chains and skulls and hides in the corners, not talking to anyone. Demetri isn't really a talkitive one and lacks expression in the way he talks. He is often seen drawing. He is an amazing artist but his pictures are often graphic, disturbing and surreal. Demetri has an affiliation with death and is often suicidal. At home he is physically and verbally abused by his parents and neglected. Demetri belives he shouldn't have been born due to him being born when his mother was raped and got pregnant. His mother is known to tell him he was an accident and kick him out of the home for a night or two. He only has one friend, Zoey. However he has been known to be in a relationship with Sherry.


  • Demetri's hair is actally black but is dyed purple.
  • Demetri's face looks exactly like his rapist father's. This haunts Demetri.
  • He is afraid of clowns.
  • He has asperger's syndrome. Witch explains some of his strange behavior.

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