Dylan Yoshida

Character Info

Nicknames None
Age 16
Species Human
Gender Boy
Nationality Japanese
Height 5'8
Body Type Thin
Hobbies/Interests Guitar, Singing
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Dylan Yoshida is a Japanese foreign exchange student. He was born to a American mother and a Japanese mother. Dylan was born in japan and grew up there for the first 7 years of his life. Due to a promotion in his fathers job, the family soon had to move between Japan and America a lot. They own two homes in both countries and move annually or bi-annually, depending on the situation. Currently, they live in in America. 

Dylan a nice, polite boy who's interested in music. His hobby is to play the guitar and record himself doing covers of both English and Japanese songs, and uploading them to the internet. He claims to have a nice following of fans and often would rather spend his time with his online friends than is real ones. He also has a secret fascination with Japanese adult dating sims, or 'hentai games'. 

When he's not on the computer, Dylan likes to clean. He is a bit of a clean freak and a germaphobe. His habit of cleaning is almost OCD level, to the point he will often carry cleaning supplies with him, wash his hands 2 or 3 times after going to the bathroom and even wiping his desk and chair down before sitting in it. He fears dirtiness and hates disorganization, and he will get very anxious around messy environments.

He has a girlfriend named Mayu who lives in japan. When he's in America, Dylan will often talk to her online. Mayu will sometimes send Dylan Japanese candies and toys to remind him of home.


  • Dylan has a more English first name due to his mother wanting him to fit in more with Americans when ever they visit. Though this often confuses his Japanese peers and makes him believe that he's foreign. 
  • Dylan can't eat really greasy and fatty fast food. It makes him sick sometimes.
  • In certain role plays, he was bitten by a mutated diseased rat, which mutated him as well. 

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