Faris Barton

Character Info

Nicknames None
Age Unknown
Species Supernatural ( Bio-physic)
Gender Male
Nationality Possibly French
Height 6'"5
Body Type Lean
Hobbies/Interests Mistreating women, bullying his younger followers, backstabbing people
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Faris Barton is a villian character made by Nellie.


Faris's past is clearly unknown but what it is known he is a magical supremacist who hates people who do not have powers or supernatural abilities ( these people are commonly referred as outsiders). He has started a campaign to rid of outsiders and crazed psychopath who is willing to kill anyone in order to succeed. Faris also have a group of supporters which he commonly calls them his clan. Sometimes he regulraly mistreats his supporters ( mostly the younger ones) in order to keep them in line and fear of him.

Faris is charismatic, handsome, manipulate, conning man who is married to Rose Petalar-Barton and has two sons named Peter and Liir.  Many bio-physics ( and some Supernaturals) support him because he gives many promises if they rid the world of outsiders completely, then the world would be a better and happier place. However, Faris's views clearly have pulled many bio-physics families apart ( for example, The Hernandez Family) and often turned people against their own families and friends. He doesn't care what happens to the family as long as his goals are succeed.

Faris is also known to be a womanizer and hypocrite since he fooled around with outsider women but continues to degrade them when he is with them.He is hugely known to mistreat females regardless whether if they are outsiders or supernatural. Faris treats women like objects as he openly encourages other bio-physic men to mistreat their women in their family ( Most Bio-physic women if lived under Faris's influence were taught to believe they should be treated like objects). He teaches half-bio-physics to learn how to hate their outsider side and reject their outsider parents and other family members.