Flora Martinez

Character Info

Nicknames None
Age Looks 16
Species Human
Gender Female
Nationality ?
Height 5' 6"
Body Type Average
Hobbies/Interests To keep watch on others
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Flora Martinez is a quiet young woman who rarely speaks and is known for appearing when nobody is noticing.

Flora has powers which she controls using her voice - or what should be her voice. She can easily take the words of a sentence and change them into high-pitched noises to attack enemies.

Whether Flora is good or evil depends on the RP. Sometimes in one RP she could be secretly helping out the OCs without them knowing, and the next she could be against them, wanting them to torture each other.

She can also communicate with Raphael through his mind. Raphael does not know how this is done and sometimes wants it to stop. She doesn't do it often, though.

Both her parents are sorcerers.

Other Appearances