Garret Ridler

Character Info

Nicknames Garry, Wolf Boy, Stupid Mutt
Age 16
Species Werewolf
Gender Boy
Height 5'6
Body Type Fit
Hobbies/Interests Watching TV, playing games and sleeping.
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Garret is a lazy and careless boy who is cursed to be a werewolf. He primarily likes to be alone and lives by himself in a small cabin in the forest. The cabin was an abandon one that he found while looking for shelter one stormy night. He uses the cabin to store the many collectables he's found just exploring around.

When Garret was younger, he lived in a family of 8 kids. His family was poor and the lived in a trailer house. His mother barely got by working as a waitress and the dad spent most of his time hunting. His parents were very abusive towards each other and one night while they were fighting, he snuck out of the house to get some peace and quiet. He wandered throught the forest until he came across a strange wolf with glowing eyes. It snarled at him and Garret picked up a stick in self defence. The wolf attecked him. Later his father found him badly injured and took him to the hospital. It took a month for him to fully recover.

The next full moon after he was attacked, his parents woke up to Garret screaming and then growling of an animal. His father grabbed his gun, thinking that a wild animal was in the house. When he saw Garret, he had turned into a horrendous half wolf creature. His father shot at garret and demanded he left the house. Garret was kicked out of his own home and never returned.


  • Garret is actually based of an older expieramental OC for a role play long ago. He was rebooted and tweeked in a simalar fasion as Dylan.
  • The reasoning behind rebooting Garret was primarily for a game.
  • Him and Vleck are enemies.

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