This is a Smilie page listing all the 'smiley' templates the work on this wiki. Based off of this page here. We wish to get a majority of these from that wiki to work here. You may use any of the ones at the page, even if the don't exist yet because if they don't I will add them. So go ahead and use all of them as normal and we will add as we go. Of course do not want all of the smiles on this page as most of them are pretty useless.

Here are the ones we do have as of the moment:

New Set

Tumblr inline mvcxfkuFvm1r556nc angrytears

Tumblr inline mqbkusr4qn1qz4rgp intensifies

Tumblr inline ncfnv1IuL71rmhe1q eyebrowtwitch

Tumblr inline n3ortm9dns1rl3tht shonenYell

Tumblr inline ndj8hhDnSt1r556nc wtfman

Tumblr inline nr8ogecMsn1rers41 500 freakingout

Dfs98df7sd1 headesk

Tumblr inline mqcmc6opXJ1qz4rgp whaaat

Tumblr mvig7aDYmY1sjk7feo3 400 heugh

Tumblr inline mokdgne4Qc1qz4rgp shakashaka

SimsSmiley(aroused) aroused

SimsSmiley(AyDiosMio) aydiosmio

SimsSmiley(MuyBueno) muybueno

SimsSmiley(Unamused) unamused

Old Set

Hmphsmiley.gif hmph

Excited.gif enthusiastic

Woohoo woohoo

Freaked.gif freaked

Crai.png notawesome

Rawr.gif rawr

Gwah.png gwah

Ohflip.png ohflip

Umwut umwhat

Darn.png darn

Iwilleatyou.gif iwilleatyou

Eew.png creepedout

ShiftyEyes.gif shiftyeyes

Umright.png umright

Okayiguess okiguess

Mojo mojo

Plz plz

Grrr grrr

Waaah waaah

Yesyes yesyes

Rage rage

Awww awww

Idiotthinking idiotthinking

Orly orly

Prussia evil

Germany restless

Ohdear.png ohdear

Oooh oooh

Ilikeit ilikeit

Wut.gif wut

Angry angry

Sweat sweat

Ohjoy.png joy

Serious serious

Moo moo

Eyetwitch eyetwitch

Speechless speechless

Yah yah

Hmmm hmmm

Knife knife

Misery.gif misery

Deadserious.gif deadserious

Shrug shrug

Insulted insulted

Isee isee

Whine whine

Beaten beaten

Maho maho

Nu nu

Onion thank thank

Onion flip flip

Onion uh uh

Scheming scheming

Wind wind

1b38f9e2 cough

Skip skip

Handsome handsome

Herotime.gif herotime

Punch1Punch2 punch

Guilty guilty

Moon moon

Shy shy

Omgaghost omgaghost

Cryforever cryforever

Spazattackplz spazattack

Amgtouchplz omgtouch

Facepalm facepalm

Trollfaic trollface

Y-u-noplz y-u-no

FunkyMonkey funkymonkey