Harvey Emmerich
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Character Info

Nicknames Harv
Age 18 (As of 2015)
Species Human
Gender Male
Nationality German-American (of German, Swedish, and Czech descent)
Height 6'0"
Body Type Heavyset, narrow shoulders, wide hips, long legs
Hobbies/Interests Avant-garde music, dadaism
Status Alive (As of 2015)
Canon Original Story? Intolerable

Harvey Emmerich is a first-generation German-American who spent most of his life in Berlin. He is a multi-instrumentalist and a more recent member of Rowland & the Intolerables. Although quiet, he is extroverted as an individual and has little to no real concept of modesty. He is fairly socially inept and is not good at healthy communication, and as a result he is quite blunt and distant. Despite being a bit of a romantic, he never publicly shows affection of any sort, not even to Christian Lydon, his girlfriend and eventual wife. He enjoys red wine and black risotto.


Although as of 2015 he is only 18, he was actually spawned in West Berlin shortly after World War II. He was born as a heavily altered clone of his father, Nero, a time traveler associated with an infamous individual Andre Rhodes. Harvey traveled through time with Nero and Andre for the first year and a half of his life, but Nero eventually placed him with a caretaker, Jochen Emmerich, in Berlin in the year 1998. Harvey was raised by Jochen since then, but he does have a relationship with his father. However, Harvey is not aware that he is technically a clone, nor is he aware that his father is a time traveler, and has very vague memory of his time traveling with Nero and Andre.


Harvey is tall, heavy, with narrow shoulders and long legs. His skin is very pale and his hair is a gray-brown, parted in the middle and reaching his jaw. He has high, hollow cheekbones despite his weight and a wide jaw. His eyes are large and protruding from his face, and his eyelids are prominent. He has a large nose with a "Nordic bump" and a wide mouth with full lips. He dresses in mostly formal attire, suits and black wingtips. He only wears black, as he finds it slimming, universally flattering, and that it draws more attention to the face than the wardrobe.