Ibby's role in role plays.

Ellaina RP

Ibby isn't as big on gaming as Kristine. She really doesn't care about how the game plays as long as it looks pretty. So when she saw the anime-esque fantasy art style of the Ellaina Online kickstarter page, she got excited and donated.  Kristine had told her that she suspected those who donated got to play early, and after hearing that, Ibby decided to pester her friends into donating so they can join too.

Taking place only a few months after her discovery of the Goddess Blades in 'Fantisme Imagination' she is the one to truly convince 


everyone to play together. Her cheerfulness and optimism is what allows her to keep going and get immersed into the world the most. She is seemingly better at using a sword in the than she is in real life.

Role play Status: Ongoing.