Role plays Liz has been in.

Millard High RP

Liz came to Millard High after hearing rumors that it was where Emette and Sherry went to hide from him and the rest of the group perusing him. He wishes to stop Sherry at all costs.

In this AU, Liz is a student at a supernaturally active school in order to protect the students from the plans of Sherry and Emette. He takes on the role of a private investigator in the matters of the school. While he attempts to keep to himself during his mission, he grows close with another introverted student named Siobhan. He frequently get's into arguments with Emette.

Role play Status: Abandoned

Ellaina Online RP

Liz is not a fan of video games or technology in general and was hesitant when Ibby started asking him to donate his hard earned money into a silly video game. Even Kristine started bugging him about it if anything but to see him struggle to actually play the game correctly. Eventually he gave in to their pestering and donated some money. But when the e-mail arrived, he felt a strange magical presence as it was downloading. Oh how irritated he was to wind up trapped in this silly video game world.


Taking place a few months after the beginning of 'Fantisme Imagination', in this RP Liz is one of the many players that were trapped inside of the Ellaina Online Beta. Upon entering he's given the special class of 'Dark Mage' a class who can conjure dark magic spells as attacks. However, do to his impatience, he often cheats by using the powers he retains from the real world to fight.

Liz is understandably irritated by the situation and attempts to find the quickest route out possible by researching the lore of the world. However even he becomes accidentally immersed in the people and settings of the fictional world.

As a Dark Mage class, he plays the role of a wizard specializing in dark magic, who was resurrected by cultists in order to help resurrect an even stronger wizard, whom is the antagonist of the game. However, due to a scripted event in the game, he killed all the cultists and escaped in order to prevent the big bad's resurrection.

Role play Status: Ongoing