Kagura Hajiri
Kogasa gen8 animefacemaker

Character Info

Nicknames Kogasa, Onee-sama (used by Azusa), Kagurin
Age 16
Species Nekomata
Gender Female
Nationality Rosan
Height 5'5
Body Type Thin, 77-55-81
Hobbies/Interests Archery, technology, tactical RPGs
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A cold and serious girl, but she has a soft spot for cats, cause she's, well, a cat. Kogasa is an intelligent girl who is skilled in tactics and sharpshooting. She's snarky, rude and demanding to others, but she cares for her cousin and surrogate sister Azusa. Kogasa is also very protective of Azusa, and breaks down if serious harm is caused on her, and she often blames herself. Her main weapon is a gun, of course, but she uses a bow and arrow on occassion. Her magic element is Electricity.


At birth, Kagura/Kogasa's name was Kadence, and she was born in Electra, one of the nation kingdoms in Rosasharn. Her parents were the rulers of this kingdom and she was chosen as princess. When a war against demons began when Kogasa was two, they fled to Shirakawa-go, a mountain village in Japan. Yes, that's right. They fled to Hinamizawa. It was then she was known as Kagura Hajiri. Azusa, or rather, Hazel and her family moved there too, but they kept their names, and moved in a mansion there (Maebara mansion).

During that time, Kagura was a cheerful child, while Azusa was a spoiled brat. They never got along, and Azusa would often blame things she did on Kagura. The two hated each other, they even discovered their magic during a fight. Since they already know of their powers, their families moved back to Rosasharn. This didn't change anything until Azusa turned seven.

On Azusa's 7th birthday, Azusa and her parents were in a car accident. Azusa went into a coma and got brain damage from the accident while her parents were killed. Kagura believed it was her fault because she wished for Azusa to die after a fight they had, and she promised to always protect and care for her once she wakes up. Azusa woke up two months later, with a completley different personality; formerly a brat, she became an extremely cheerful girl who's always happy, but she had amnesia, meaning they had to start over. Which is a good thing.

More info

  • Despite the fact she's a catgirl, she's not very sneaky.
  • Her favorite video game is the Devil Survivor series.
  • She hates her long hair, so she keeps it tied into a ponytail at all times. She also hates water, but is fond of hot spring bathing.
  • Kogasa usually wears glasses, but sometimes wears contacts.
  • She sounds like Nicole Karrer, voice actress of Tear Grants from Tales of the Abyss.
  • She hates her real name, and prefers being called Kogasa, to the point she's only known by this name.
  • Her yellow ribbon can conceal her cat ears and tail in when she's in Earth, this is how she managed to fit in with the humans in Shirakawa-go.