Kaitlyn Rose
AFM Kaitlyn

Character Info

Nicknames None
Age 14
Species Human
Gender Girl
Nationality Czech, Icelandic, French, Canadian, Spanish, Portuguese.
Height 5'4"
Body Type Skinny
Hobbies/Interests Hanging out with Katherine, Singing, watching/reading romance books/movies
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Kaitlyn Rose is the best friend of Katherine Hart. She is very excitable and girly, as well as a hopeless romantic. She agress with Katherine on everything and they usually finish each other's sentences, which gets annoying although she is still a sweet and caring girl. Both of them appear to be boy crazy and wlays crush on the same guy, although they never see this as a problem.

Kaitlyn currently resides in Greenburg with her parents and little brother, as well as Katherine and her parents.

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  • Kaitlyn and Katherine have been roommates since Katherine's family had to move due to a job transfer and Kaitlyn's family moved with them.