Lisa and Lily
LisaAnimeAvi LilyAnimeAvi

Character Info

Nicknames None
Age Unknown, look like small children
Species Ghosts
Gender Females
Nationality Unknown
Height Both 4'7
Body Type Thin
Hobbies/Interests Collecting hearts and souls, trouble making, mischief, playing with magic
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Lisa and Lily are two young ghost twins who like to play around with magic and cause trouble for people. They are witches so they are skilled in the art of evil magic. They often use it to help them with their "collection". They are very fond of collecting souls and demon hearts. They also partially work for the shadow lord. The two are always together and are difficult to seperate.

Lisa is the brains of the two. She plans out their strategies. She is also the more serious one. Lily is the powerful one of the two. Her power is just slightly higher then her sister's. She is also very fond of males and will usually pick her victims based on how "cute" they are. She is also a little bit more merciful then her sister, sometimes being sympathetic for the victims, though never enough for her to stop doing what she's doing.


  • Lisa and Lily share a page due to the fact they also always share sign up forms, meaning they are literally never separated in a role play.

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