Character Info

Nicknames Lucky
Age 17
Species Human
Gender Female
Nationality Canadian
Height 5'3
Body Type Thin
Hobbies/Interests Destruction, Internet surfing, looking up useless facts, parour, weapons, talking, fighting and adventuring.
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Lucy is a wild, bipolar, hyper lunatic who's 'uniqueness' compared to normal sane people either attracts or repels people. She almost has complete split personality. At times she can be hyper, happy and cute and then switch to being dark and sinister. Same goes for her intelligence as at times she can be very brilliant and others a complete moron. She carries with her a chainsaw which she named Tessie. Not many things scare her and usually jump into any bettle with out hesitation. She hates boring people and authority figures.

She is often makes refrances to popular internet meme's which confuses some when she uses them. She seems to be a complete nerd when it comes to anime, video games and the internet in general.

She has a superiority complex and tends to describe herself in a very Mary-Sue-esque manner. She belives that she is the protagonist of some game or movie and that the world ends if she dies. She also believes she can defeat and out do anyone.


  • She was used as a gaming persona long before she became an OC.
  • She also has named her hot pink vespa Haruko.

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