Marc's roles in the RP's he's been in.

Ellaina RP

Marc isn't into games much at all. He's more the athletic sporty type. But, when it comes to the requests of Ibby, he becomes blinded by his feelings for her and is pretty much willing to do whatever she asks. In this case, it was donating to this new kickstarter so they could all play the beta together. Though he was surprised when he started the game and saw a character of him, down to the elf ears, he just assumed that's how advanced gaming had gotten. Since, like everyone else, he didn't get to pick his class, he didn't think he'd be a very good archer, but I guess they must've set it that way for a reason.


Set only a couple months into the story of 'Fantisme Imagination', after Marc finds out he's an elf but before he realizes his gift in archery, he is pretty confused as to why the class of Ranger was chosen for him. Inside the game he tries to keep to himself and let others take the lead, while he stays behind and eats everything. He ends up getting addicted to hallucinogenic mushrooms, equivalent to the same plot line of the canon story.

In Game Deaths: Falling damage after falling off the tree elevator.

Role play Status: Ongoing.