Mathew Blevins

Character Info

Nicknames Rex, Matt
Age Physically 17, 44 in normal years
Species Elite Shadow Demon
Gender Male
Height 5'8
Body Type Average
Hobbies/Interests Reading
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Mathew is a shadow demon and next to Hare, is one of the youngest of his kind. He is a bat demon. He is a quiet person who never speaks and is always reading. He doesn't really pay attention to what goes on around him. He has let time pass with out him really noticing, which is why he dresses a tad.. dated..... He is one of the more powerful demons, belonging to the Shadow Gang. He is quite a challenge if you pick a fight with him. He doesn't fight vampires. This may be cause he feels a connection with his demon form and their bat forms.

In his life, he was a nerd and was relentlessly bullied in school. He only he lived with his single mother who was rarely there to support him, so he turned to drugs as his only coping mechanism. Eventually the bullying got so bad that one night he tried to commit suicide by over dosing on prescription pills. After the affects set in and he started having a hard time breathing, he changed his mind and desperately tried to call for help, but it was to late. He died 1968.

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