May Kiragiri

Character Info

Nicknames Yumi
Age 15
Species Human?
Gender Female
Height 5'6
Body Type Normal
Hobbies/Interests Gardening, Standing in Flowerfields.
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May Kiragiri is a mysterious girl trapped in a world only accesable through dreams. The area she calls home is a strange monochrome grassy field, with the only color being the bright petals of that flowers the grow where she walks. She has been seen by many dreamers and few actually know the story behind her.

She was born in the physical realm as a japanese girl named Yumi Kiragiri in the early 1900's. Her family soon moved to Amerca. There she met a boy who called himself Jeremiah, he worked at the train station and she would visit him whenever he was there. While the boy would never tell her his full name or any details about his past, they became quite close. But when she was about 15, the boy continued to tell her that they should stop seeing each other, or else something bad might happen.

One day, when she came to see the boy, he wasn't there like he usually was, rather, there was a dark shadow on the tracks the resembled his shape. She ran up to it, but when to stepped onto the tracks, her vision became shrowded in darkness. She could not see, hear or move. She couldn't dodge the oncoming train if she wanted to. She died that day.

She eventually woke up in the stange monochrome world that seemed to go one forever. She has been there ever since. But she is not lonely, for she will find the occassional dream show up in the world, and while she won't say anything, she will give them a cheerful smile.


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