Character Info

Age Physically 24, 97 in actual years.
Species Demon
Gender Female
Body Type Thin
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Mika is a powerful shadow demon who is in the shadow gang. She is the cat demon. Like a cat, she is nimble and sneaky. Liz has a crush on her. Her and her gang of demons strictly follow the Shadow Lord's orders, but she often likes to goof around and use her powers for her own enjoyment.

Her real name is Caroline Bellerose. She had changed her name to 'Mika Bell' to hide her identity after she died. She was the great granddaughter of Beatrice Bellerose, Liz's first lover. She worked at a club and was a prostitute. She met Liz after he was was writing about a murder that she was suspected to be involved in. After meeting him and getting to know him more, she quit her other 'profession' and started dating him afterwards. One day she was caught cheating on Liz and when he left she chased after him to apologize, for she didn't want to lose him. She ran out into the rain, foggy street to find him and got ran over by a comming car, killing her.

Later after becoming a demon, the Shadow Lord was fed up with Liz's refusal to join him and asked her to kill him. He handed he a vile of liguid that could destroy a demon if injested and asked her to put it in Liz's drink when he was at the bar. Though corrupted by evil and felt like she needed to follow the Shadow Lord's orders, she still loved Liz and instead of poisoning him, she put an amnesia inducing mixture in his drink, so that maybe he would pass out long enough for the Shadow Lord to be convinced that he had died.


  • She dated Liz in the 30's when Liz still used his adult form.

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