Missie Wren

Character Info

Age 16
Species Human
Gender Girl
Nationality American
Height 5'3"
Body Type Skinny, flat-chested
Hobbies/Interests Cheering, Motorcycles
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Missie Wren is an unique girl, who loves trying her best. She will do anything to pass, and gets along with anyone who isn't in her way. She's enemies with Denni, and they don't get along at all. Missie likes racing on her motorcycle, and likes paying the guitar, also.Missie is the youngest of 4, being the ony girl in her family. She also has a cousin named Tristan, but they equally hate each other..


  • Despite being nice, she can make enemies easily.
  • She despises her cousin, because she agrees he's evil, though he thinks similiar.
  • her Brothers are named Bryce, Wesley, and Adam. Bryce is currently in college, though.
  • She's never had a boyfriend before, that lasted long.