Monte Paralta

Character Info

Nicknames None
Age 18-19
Species Vampire
Gender Male
Nationality Mostly Italian (though doesn't have an Italian accent)
Height 5' 11"
Body Type Average
Hobbies/Interests Reading others' minds, hynotising people, and trying to make friends
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Monte is a vampire. He is very calm and rather laid back, and is extremely polite. He can't be in the sun too long and gets headaches and very tired when he is. He likes to befriend humans, even though it was a human who killed his sister Angelita. Monte can read people's minds.

Monte is known for speaking several different languages.

However, he sometimes cannot control his powers. He doesn't like to bite humans, but occasionally get the cravings for their blood. There is no way for him to control himself when in this state.

Monte has a crush on a girl called Violette Garcia.

Monte's History

Monte had found that a human had killed his sister Angelita. However, Monte still takes the opportunity to make friends with humans. He believes his sister's death was an accident, though it wasn't.

Other Appearances