Nathan Winter

Character Info

Nicknames Nate, Nat
Age 15
Species Human
Gender Boy
Height 5'5
Body Type Thin
Hobbies/Interests Space, Sci-fi
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Nathan Winter is Ibby's twin brother. He is a hyper and slightly odd boy who likes to stick with his sister. He Hates to be seperated from Ibby and looks up to as a role model. Nathan is highly interested in space the sci-fi. He collects action figures, model spaceships and mechs. He is also watches anime like his sister, but it's only strictly sci-fi and mech anime. He also has a strange obsession with pickles, with htem being his favorite food. He has a whole jar of them in his lunch box and tends to get through have a jar per lunch period. 

He also has a crush on a girl in his class named, Jess. He sometimes gets very nervous around here, even after he would confess to liking her, as he is a shy boy with little social skills. 


  • His name used to be Nat, until it was changes to Nate, and finally Nathan.
  • He has autism.

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