Character Info

Age He doesn't age.
Species Robot
Gender Presumably Male
Nationality None
Height 5'5
Body Type Average
Hobbies/Interests None Detected
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PC is a computerized, humanoid android. He is a highly advanced security robot that works at Revile Laboratories. He lacks emotion or a personality of any kind. He often is seen monitoring the halls of the lab. He will always attempt to stop a tresspasser but as a fighter he does not do very well and against a strong enough force, will fall easily. Though he is very advanced, he can be hacked as easily as hacking a regular computer. Most memory and program files can be accessed by sticking a USB cord from a plug in in the back of his head to a laptop or computer. This will also charge him.


  • If you search deep enough in his files, you'll find an old singing program that was going to be used for him.

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