Richard Denboi

Character Info

Nicknames None
Age 22
Species Zombie
Gender Male
Nationality Polish and Peurto Rican
Height 6'1
Body Type Fit
Hobbies/Interests He used to love foot ball before he turned into a Zombie.
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Richard Denboi is a zombie that is contained at Revile Laboratories. He was once a very hansome man. When he was alive, he was involved with many bad things. Alchohol, drugs, smoking, pretty much he did a ton of things that were bad for him. He had no job so he decided to work at Revile Laboratories for a bit. Oddly, they did not backghround check him or drug test him or anything. Because it was an easy and well paying job, e kept it. One day however one of the expeiraments got loose and bit him. He turned into a zombie later that day. Due to him being out of control, they locked him in one of the test subject cells until further notice. About a year and a half later he woke up, once again conscience and in control of his body. He had a machine inside him that automaticly made his heart beat. This gave blood to the brain and activated it again. Though at anytime he will snap back and fourth from being conscience to being in 'zombie mode.'


  • He has a fear of being buried alive.
  • In the event of a zombie apocolapse, the other zombies will follow him like a leader.

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