Roseland is a fictional suburb town that holds supernatural races where they usually live at peace away from non-supernaturals people. There was a time where non-supernatural people did live in the same town as the supernatural people. The mayor of Roseland kicked them out due to the tensions within the supernatural races and the safety of non-supernaturals. Non-supernaturals are not allowed to live in Roseland or any Supernatural town ( such City of Downland and City Square) due to possible tensions with supernaturals and wars to rise. Roseland had been through wars where vampires, werewolves, demons, and other powerful beings almost try to take the town over. Roseland is also a town that puts on an act that everything is all hunky dory despite in the past ( like all the Supernatural town follow the suit) they have discriminated against one of their own which is the reason why the wars with the vampires and werewolves seemed to happen. Recently, Roseland and the other supernatural towns now have to deal with another supernatural race, The Bio-Physic due to Faris Barton's growing influence which had been a problem in the past. As always the mayor and the higher ups of the town always go to the rash solution in dealing with these issues. Their plan is to kill any Bio-physic regardless whether or not they are with Faris's cause. This made every Bio-Physic flee from the town and go settle in Non-Supernatural communities where they blend in even go as far to keep their children from knowing about their powers. It is also known that not all Supernaturals live in the Supernatural towns and prefer to blend in with non-supernaturals.

Roseland almost resembles as a normal suburb town which a school district, a town hall, and normal neighborhoods which most people wouldn't stop to think that the town has supernatural races in there. There is even cave and a forest where werewolves and vampires mostly habituated in there ( It is known the werewolves also rob trains). The town also has a highway where it's connected to the City of Downland where most of the activity goes on there.

The town is also protected with a shield where Non-Supernaturals are supposed to keep out and only Supernaturals are supposed to enter but somehow the shield keeps on breaking. Roseland had did run a test under the US government's permission to allow some Non-Supernaturals to live in the town but it failed due an incident as the government declaring the town unfit for Non-supernaturals to live in. So far very few Non-Supernaturals are aware of Roseland or any Supernatural town considering it was never on the US Map and the government refuses to declare it's existence. This is one of the reason why Faris Barton wants to destroy all Non-Supernaturals because the unjust oppression against Supernaturals had gone on long enough despite Roseland's issues with inter-Supernatural oppressions.