MMO Samson

Samson was the first of his friends to find out about Ellaina Online. Whenever he has money to spare, he trawls around and donates money to campaigns that he's interested in. Knowing that many of his friends were gamers, he told them all about Ellaina Online and pushed them to contribute something to the campaign. This was a decision that Samson doesn't regret; he's ecstatic about living in a game, with his friends alongside him. Plus, he can actually fight with a sword for real! What ain't awesome about that?

Player Info

  • Username: ItsSamson106
  • Class: Warrior
  • Skill Level: Regular



  • Slot: Primary Weapon
  • Type: One-Handed Sword

A noble-looking sword with a red hilt, accentuated by streaks of gold. Fit for an aspiring hero. Its compact size makes it easy to handle for warriors of all shapes and sizes.

Red Triangular Shield

Red Triangular Shield
  • Slot: Secondary Weapon
  • Type: Shield

A small, lightweight shield. While it may be smaller than most shields, its minimal weight allows its wielder to quickly deflect any incoming attacks. Has a triangular shape, with a bright red color that's sure to draw everybody's attention.