Cassandra Impertinent
Sandy Anime

Character Info

Nicknames Sandy, Sand, San
Age 14 (as of Nov. 4th, 2011)
Species Human
Gender Female
Nationality American
Height 5'3"
Body Type Skinny
Hobbies/Interests Donating to/Participating in charities, reading, practicing her violin, hanging out with her friends
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Cassandra "Sandy" Impertinent comes from a wealthy home but is modest and isn't one to show off, unlike her twin sister, Mandy, who thinks she's a "Goody two-shoes". She is a bit of a Goody two-shoes though because she doesn't swear, thinks it's wrong to swear, gets good grades, and donates to charities when she finds out about them. Quiet, shy, and a bit of a bookworm, Sandy rarely snaps. When she does, it's usually her sister who causes her to. Ever since Mandy has transferred schools, she sometimes appears in Sandy's mind and intimidates her, causing Sandy to talk back and making her look insane in-front of her peers. However, her friends don't know yet why. Over the weekends Sandy is an actress for television commercials.

Relations With Other Characters

Aeolos Russo

Sandy and Aeolos met on the first day when Aeolos forgot to bring lunch to school and Sandy shared her lunch with him. They met again in Biology Class when Dominick and him were paired up to mix chemicals together and test them. Aeolos took the chemicals and it turned out to be a Love Potion, and the first person he saw was Sandy, and immediately fell in love with her. Sandy was also given a Love Potion from Drew, and the first person she saw was Aeolos, and now they are the official class couple. Truth be told, Aeolos actually had feelings for Sandy before the Love Potion incident, the potion only enlarged them.

Annabelle Bean

When Sandy first saw Annabelle, Sandy assumed that Aeolos was cheating on her when she saw them hugging after the trip Sandy did not attend. A few periods later, Sandy found out that Annabelle was an old friend of Aeolos when accusing him of cheating. Because of Annabelle being a friend of her boyfriend, Sandy tries to be friends with Annabelle. She fails because Annabelle doesn't really care for her. --UnderConstruction--





  • Originally, Sandy's real name was Samantha, not Cassandra.