Alice Nyte
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Character Info

Nicknames Shad, Anesan(by Blaze and Luminia)
Age 14
Species Vampire
Gender Female
Nationality Exodian
Height 5"3
Body Type Average
Hobbies/Interests Literature, the Arts, sports, anything that interests her
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She is usually kind, caring, and a bit dense, but can be hot-headed and foul-mouthed when angered. Tends to give people nicknames againts their will. Can be a spoiled brat and a bit of a baby when she wants to. Has a perverted side. Loves anime. Does anything just for those she cares for. Hates her twin. Has a boyfriend named Andrew.

When in her homeland, Exodus, she always does her best to be prim and proper.

On Earth, she's carefree and doesn't care about what people think of her. 

Her Life on Exodus

She is the youngest daughter in the Nyte household, which is one of the richest families and is one of the three Nobles in her world. Despite her age, she is one of the strongest fighters in the family. Due to being able to control five of the ten main elements(Fire, Water, Air, Spirit, and Lightning), she easily became a Priestess(a rank similar to a princess). As Priestess, it is her duty(along with the other Priests and Priestesses) to help get rid of anyone who dares to bring chaos unto her world.

Abilities, Powers, and Skills

She mostly uses a sythe in battle, but tends to use a dagger or spiked chains when needed. 

She can use five of the ten main elements which are:

Air- She can manipulate the Air around her create her own tornadoes, fly for a short period of time, and send gusts of wind for both offence and defence

Fire- She can manipulate fire, conjure fireballs, and can stay in a very hot place for a short period of time(Ex.: inside a volcano, under the heat of the sun)

Water- She can manipulate water, create her own whirlpools and cyclones, and can breathe underwater

Spirit'- She can use telepathy, make things float, and Necromancy(but she has no control over this)

Lightning- She can send lightning blasts at enemies and create her own storms

Despite her strength, she gets tired when ever she uses her powers too much.


  • She dislikes being called by her real name, so everyone around her calls her Shadina or Shadow, though she's fine with her family and some friends in calling her by her real name.
  • She left eye was originally red. But due to a spell used by Blaze, her eye turned violet.
  • She has five major wardrobe changes
  • Her tears often come in the form of blood, another side effect of Blaze's spell on her
  • She is Pediophobic, fears dolls. She also fears spiders
  • She was based on Alice for Pandora Hearts
  • She has a pet cat named Nala