Shadow Lord

Character Info

Age ???
Species Shadow Demon
Gender Male
Height Varying
Body Type Varying
Hobbies/Interests Chess, fighting, plotting and tourturing
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The Shadow Lord is a powerful shadow demon who rules an area of hell called the Shadow Relm. A very dark area where most shaodw demons tend to live. He is a ruthless leader who is constantly seeking power to someday take over the underworld and then the overworld. He has many lacky's do his dirty work, such as the Shadow Gang, Emette or Sherry. One thing he is after the most is the Goddess Blades, believing that they will give him all the power he needs to complete his goal. Being the ruthless person he is, he will often torture those who don't comply to him. He has a wide aray of torture chambers and methods of torture. His name when he was alive was Vincent Ulric Willhelm, son the Early Victor Ulric Willhelm. He was a selfish, snobish bratty child who picked fights with people much more powerful than him. He followed a group a adventurers who were on the search for an acient sword. He was planning and stealing them but when they found them, a young woman touched them first and the power was granted to her. Vincent immedietly tried to attack her but got killed in the end. Due to a pact he made with the devil, he was resurected as an immortal shadow demon.


  • Will Sometimes be called the Shadow King or the Shadow Lord.
  • His Shadow form is of a giant ram. It is quite muscular compared to the normal, slenderman esque shadow demon shape.

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