The Shubarie no Sabanto is an elite fighting force led by Keisatsu Rida. It consists of 16-20 year old beings who were treated badly some way by humans, and its duty is to protect Rosasharn by stopping people from finding the portals around Earth.

They tend to act mostly like knights, with some of the more athletic members on horseback. They also wear armour, and make their attacks with swords and magical lances.

However, their leader Keisatsu often feels weak when in Rosasharn because of being on Earth too long. Without their leader, the Shubarie no Sabanto is clueless and will not do anything to help themselves, so they can be made fun of.

Even though they can be stupid, the Shubarie no Sabanto is not a group to mess with. Many foolish people who dare fight the group end up either killed or badly injured.

Shubarie no Sabanto Selfy

Some members of the Shubarie no Sabanto as a Selfy

Keisatsu Rida and his soldiers

Keisatsu standing in front of a few members of the Shubarie no Sabanto in BannedStory