Spirits are supernatural beings that personify everything in nature. (It can range from things like candles to potted plants) Spirits cannot naturally die, but they can die by either being killed, or having the thing they represent die out. When spirits reproduce, their offspring end up being the disastrous aspect of nature (Storms, hunger, war, ect.) When a spirit reaches level 10, they gain their full power. Spirits have the power to transform into any one animal, but they can only turn into that one animal for the rest of their existence and no other.(No two spirits can have the same animal, either)


When a spirit dies, they're aspect dies with them. This might not occur because of 2 things:

1) The aspect the spirit represents is much too important for living organisms to live without, of if it is physically impossible for it to just disappear (Examples: Air and Water because they are too important and have a large quantity) so to avoid the confusion, a new spirit will take its place.

2 ) A spirit could have the possibility to just NOT die, so nothing will occur (Examples: Death; if you cause the spirit of Death to die, then death would disappear and the spirit of death wouldn't have died at al


Most spirits are not really born, more like created. For every aspect that will be discovered or created, a spirit would be created to represent that aspect. Spirits can also be born from other spirits but they would become the aspects of disastrous things.

Known spirits

  • Muse: Creativity and Art
  • Fotia: Fire and Distruction
  • Crystal: Ice and Water
  • Terrance: Earth
  • Platus: Death
  • Eve: Royalty and Nature
  • Barney: Animals

    (Left to Right) Barney, Crystal, Platus, and Terrance


    Eve and her righteous leaf blade of discipline




Spirits reside in the Spirit World. A large endless void where spirits can edit in their living quarters. The size of a spirits domain depends on the importance of the spirit. Example, Muse is the 4th most important spirit, and his home is the size of the United States. Eve, being the most important spirit, has a home the size of the continent of Eurasia.