Joey 066

  • I live in Classified
  • I was born on April 3
  • My occupation is Knight of Elemia
  • I am Male
  • Joey 066

    Yep....a serious title, from one of the most random Wikians to ever type on a keyboard, But..yeah, it has been pretty interesting...For one thing, today we got a guest speaker. This guy. He was pretty cool, and he helps make many comics...

    And now, for a somewhat somber note..... I have been sick for the past few days, with what might either be strep throat, or a really bad sore throat. All I know is that it hurts to swallow..But that pales in comparison to what happened to my grandfather. He fell of an ATV, and broke his collarbone, as well as cracking a rib. He is still alive, thankfully, but it was really scary. I hope he gets better....He may have to have surgery....

    I will end this with a note.....Life is as fragile as a porcelain doll.…

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  • Joey 066

    THE TITLE SPEAKS THE TRUTH. Poor guy. *sad face*

    Well...I dont know what to make for my next RP. Once all my RPs die on the Mysims Wiki, All my RPs will be here.....*sighs* I will miss it.

    Anyways..Here are my ideas....

    1.) A remake of my first RP, Final Youkai. It is basicially Final Fantasy with demons.

    2.)A Black Rock Shooter RP. May be fun.

    3.) A Vocaloid RP. I have thought of the idea....

    4.) A Paper Mario RP.

    Alright..those are my ideas. Feel free to give me ideas for RPs or opinions on my ideas. Thank you...We can also just talk..just sayin.

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