Vicki Star

Character Info

Nicknames Star, Vic(Only by people who hate her)
Age 15
Species Vampire
Gender Female
Nationality English
Height 4'9"
Body Type skinny, and flat-chested
Hobbies/Interests Skateboarding, Cheering, Insulting People
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Vicki is the kind of girl that people try to get along with, but they don't really like to. She is enemies with Denni and Tristan, but friends with Bridget(mostly out of fear). She's great at running, and is kinda short for her age. She doesn't really like horror movies. She ussually tries to take charge, but doesn't hugely like forcing people to do what they don't wanna do.


  • Vicki dies her hair purple, due to her blonde hair being annoying.
  • Vicki's idol is Lucille Spire.
  • Before she was a vampire, her eyes were brown.