Welcome to the Wonderous Wiki

Hello and welcome to the 'Wonderous' Wiki. Yes, yes, it's a typo. Don't bother mentioning it by this point. You could say it makes the wikia special.

If you are wondering what kind of wiki this is, well my friend this is a wiki specifically designed for the purpose of character design and role playing. it's a wiki made to not only showcase the characters of the users here, but allow them to also put those characters into use by joining the many (or soon to be many) role plays on this site. Anyone is allowed to join so long as they stick to the rules. We don't discriminate here. So far it's just me and a couple of my friends but we hope to have this wiki grow in size soon, so if you like our little site, don't hesitate to invite your friends.

If you would like to know more, there are links above to lists of RPs currently on this wiki, the rules of the site and of course, many, many characters.

Recent Activity

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