Zoey Lantern

Character Info

Nicknames None
Age 15
Species Human
Gender Girl
Height 5'7
Body Type Strong
Hobbies/Interests Exploring, hanging out in her tree house.
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Zoey Lantern is a strange and outgoing girl. She belongs to a wealthy family, of whom her father owns a cruise ship line. Zoey has always been an wild girl and hated the stuffy, stuck up attitude and lifestyle of most rich people. She would much rather be climbing trees an playing in the dirt like her male friends, than to be in a silly dress, talking about politics with a bunch of boring adults. She very athletic and can out run most of the boys at her school. She is also very eccentric and wears a jungle costume, with tail and ears in public as her normal outfit. She's an outspoken girl who is not afraid to state her opinions on things. She very willing to physically fight anyone who makes her really mad.

In elementary school she met a boy named Demetri. She was curious as to why he was so gloomy and sad all the time and made it her mission to see him smile. It took a long time and she learned quite a lot about him and became good friends with him in the process. She will often defend him in fights and try to help him with his depression and social anxiety.


  • Zoey almost never calls someone she likes by their full name and makes up nicknames for everyone.
  • Her head accesory randomly changes from Horns to cat ears daily.

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