Zork Aralien

Character Info

Nicknames Zorky
Age 19 Earth Years
Species Alien (Pleetanian)
Gender Male
Nationality Pleetanian (Pleetan doesn't have separated countries)
Height 6'1
Body Type Average
Hobbies/Interests Studying, researching.
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Zork Aralien is an alien from the planet Pleetan. He and his sister Zuni crash landed in the outskirts of New Bridge. They were originally were just tagging along on their parents' mission to monitor and take pictures of Earth. A malfunction occurred, causing the space ship to crash. Zork and his sister were the only survivors. They hurried off to find somewhere to hide, knowing that humans will be checking out the crash site shortly.

Zork is overly protective of his sister and doesn't like it when she talks to humans. He believes humans are heartless animals and can't be trusted.


  • His last name is a pun of the word 'alien.'

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