Zuni Aralien

Character Info

Nicknames Zun
Age 15 Earth Years
Species Alien (Pleetanian)
Gender Girl
Nationality Pleetanian (Pleetan doesn't have separated contries.)
Height 5'8
Body Type Average
Hobbies/Interests Exploring, talking with humans, doing human-y things.
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Zuni Aralien is an alien from the planet Pleetan. Her and her brother Zork were tagging along with their parents' monitoring mission when the space ship crashed. Her and her brother were the only survivors and hid before humans could come to the crash site.

Zuni is naive and loves humans. She finds it so fascinating that they are so much like her own species. She trusts humans unlike her brother and is always trying to learn more about them.


  • Her last name is a pun of the word 'alien.'
  • She changes her hairsytle everyday, yet she still keeps in fasions popular on her home planet.

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